Police: 20 illegal guns brought from all over the country seized from alleged gang members

Police say handguns, revolvers and semi-automatic rifles are among the 20 illegal guns taken off the streets of Nassau after a massive firearms bust.
Police say the weapons were taken from 23 different alleged gang members, all of whom have been arrested. They say the arrests were part of 17 separate investigations launched in January by the county's gang suppression team.
Authorities say most of the guns were seized from the Roosevelt-Hempstead area. They say suspects bought the illegal firearms to Long Island from as close as the tristate area, and as far away as Arizona.
Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder called one of the weapons a "street sweeper" because it holds over 100 rounds of ammo.
The next step for police is to conduct ballistics tests on the guns to see if they're linked to any open cases of shootings and homicides in the county.
Police have not released the names of the suspects because they say the investigation is ongoing.