Police identify Nassau carjacking suspect killed in police-involved shooting in Queens

Nassau police have now identified the carjacking suspect who was shot and killed by police in Queens.
Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder says Matthew Felix, 19, approached a resident in Garden City Park Tuesday night while armed with a black firearm and demanded that the victim get out of the car. Ryder says Felix then fled the scene with the car.
Ryder says Nassau police were able to track the car to Felix's home in Queens. He says officers spotted the teen leaving his residence in the car and attempted to make an arrest.
The police commissioner says the officers fully identified themselves and were wearing their vests and shields.
"Our officers were faced with circumstances that led them to have to take deadly physical force," says Ryder.
He wouldn't comment on what happened between the time the officers made contact with the suspect and when officers shot and killed the teen, saying it was now an NYPD investigation. When News 12 reached out to the NYPD, they said this was not their case and insisted it was Nassau's.
Video obtained by News 12 shows officers jumping out of the way Felix was driving as it goes up onto a curb and into a building.
Among the unanswered questions into the case was if Felix was armed at the time of his death. Police say he had prior arrests, including weapons charges.
Police say four officers were treated for trauma.