Police: 2 people arrested for squatting at Southampton home

Police say Donna Miller and Antonio Wilson also sold the homeowner's personal property and belongings from within the home.

Jon Dowding

Oct 9, 2023, 9:44 PM

Updated 194 days ago


Southampton police say they arrested two people Monday for living in someone else's home and selling their furniture for months.
Neighbors tell News 12 they knew something was off when they saw random furniture for sale outside the home on North Magee Street.
Neighbors say they have seen items like TVs, lamps, end tables and glassware on the side of the road since at least June.
Southampton police say a neighbor contacted the homeowner about a couple staying in the home since at least June. The homeowner then contacted the police who began investigating.
Police arrested 48-year-old Antonio Wilson and 47-year-old Donna Miller Monday morning after executing a search warrant at the home.
Inside, police say they also found evidence linking Wilson to the armed robbery of the Speedway Gas Station on County Road 39 in September. Officials tell News 12 the people weren't renting the home.
For those who don't live at their property year-round, Sgt. Gina Laferrera, from the Southampton Town Police Department, recommends taking the proper steps to secure a home while away.
"The biggest thing is cameras. Know how to use them,” she said. “A lot of people will hire a company to come in, which is great, and set it up. But they don't always know how to work the system themselves. If you can, get to know your neighbors who are out there full time."
Police also say the pair was allegedly selling items from inside the home as well.
The two face criminal trespassing and grand larceny charges, and Wilson also faces charges stemming from the robbery.

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