Police: 2 men dead following wall collapse at construction site in Old Brookville

Police say two men died after a wall collapse in Old Brookville Tuesday night.

News 12 Staff

Jan 29, 2020, 12:21 AM

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Police say two men died after a wall collapse in Old Brookville Tuesday night.
Police say the call came in at 4:45 p.m. for two men trapped underneath a large amount of dirt at a home on Wolver Hollow Road.
It was a massive effort by first responders when they arrived at an excavation site at a private residence on Wolver Hollow Road.
Investigators say the victims were working at the bottom of a 30-foot deep hole when they became trapped.
"They were actually installing a septic ring. At that point, one of the walls gave way and they were buried by between five and seven feet of dirt,” says Nassau Police Detective Lt. Richard LeBrun.
LeBrun says all of Nassau County's police emergency units along with eight fire departments responded, as well Old Brookville police who he says were the first ones on the scene.
"It was desperate, desperate action for them to try to get these two males out," LeBrun adds. "They worked extremely, extremely hard to uncover this one male that they found. That male was pulled out. Sadly, unfortunatelly, he was pronounced deceased a short time later."
LeBrun says the victim was 57-years old.
Police say the responders were working hard to find the other man, a 45-year-old, when other parts of wall began to cave in.
Police say the responders and rescuers had to get out of the way and resecure the area.
"Unfortunately, what became a rescue operation has sadly turned into a recovery effort," LeBrun says.
Police have not yet released the victims’ identities pending notification of the next of kin.
It's unclear if all safety measures were followed on this job. LeBrun says that will all be part of the investigation.

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