Pharmacies: Residents may have a hard time finding flu shot

Pharmacies: Residents may have a hard time finding flu shot

Some pharmacies say that residents may have a hard time finding a flu shot.
Yeree Kim, of West Hempstead Pharmacy, says they only have four senior vaccines left.
The West Hempstead Pharmacy, as well as other locations at big chain pharmacies, say they have run out of the regular flu vaccines.

"Right now we don't have any left, but we can always order more if there is a demand,” says Kim.

According to health departments in both Nassau and Suffolk, reported cases of the flu are way up across Long Island since the beginning of the year.
There were 243 reported cases in Nassau during the first week in January, now up to 616 cases. Suffolk had 197 cases of the flu reported in early January, now up to 625.

Retired critical care nurse Kevin McKay, of Freeport, says he always has and always will get the shot.

"I'm working with all those patients. I don't want to bring anything back to the family or back to the neighborhood or anything,” he says.

Arthur Brasco, of Cathedral Gardens, says he doesn’t think the shot is necessary.
"Last time I was sick was probably like 15 years ago. So why? If I get one I'll probably get sick,” he says.