PETA: Goose found with firecracker taped to its chest in Baldwin

Two groups have rescued a Canada goose after it was found with a firecracker duct-taped to its chest in Baldwin.
PETA and staff from Long Island Orchestrating for Nature were behind the rescue at Silver Lake Park, as they were able to remove the duct tape and firecracker.
PETA Senior Manager John Di Leonardo says the goose may have ended up saving its own life.
"It does appear that this fuse was lit and she must have jumped into the water and put it out before it exploded. It was a life or death situation that luckily she survived," he says.
Nassau SPCA President Gary Rogers says there is no doubt the bird put up a fight while the person was taping it up.
"They're very strong birds. Unless you really know what you're doing - you're going to get hurt or you're going to hurt the bird," says Rogers.
Di Leonardo says he bird was immediately taken to a vet Friday morning, where it was treated. Friday night, she was returned to the spot where they found her.
PETA, LION and SPCA are asking anyone with information into the case of animal cruelty to contact them. They are offering up a $5,000 reward.
Photos courtesy of PETA