Peekskill police officer arrested for alleged sex abuse; accuser says secret recording proves it

A Peekskill police officer was arrested Saturday for alleged sexual abuse, stalking and burglary of a woman he was investigating.
His accuser, whom News 12 is not identifying, spoke exclusively with News 12's Samantha Crawford. She apparently recorded an encounter with 33-year-old Officer Michael Agovino.
The audio of the recording includes what she says is Officer Agovino demanding sexual favors. She also says Agovino sexually assaulted her twice and stopped by her home unannounced four times since last summer.
She told News 12 that he was in uniform and on-duty during those alleged encounters.
According to a felony complaint, Officer Agovino was investigating a larceny "allegedly perpetrated by the victim."
From there, the complaint states that he took her back to her home and made her strip, so he could "search for the money." It alleges that he groped her while she was naked.
The other encounters, which are graphic, are also listed in the complaint.
Officer Michael Agovino was arraigned Saturday at Peekskill City Court. He's being held at the Westchester County Jail on $100,000 bond.
The Peekskill Police Department says it is fully cooperating with the investigation into the allegations by the Westchester County DA's Office, and says Agovino has been placed on administrative leave until further notice.

Editor's Note:  An earlier version of the video in this story showed a blurred group photo in which nobody's face could be seen. To avoid any confusion, video of the blurred photo was removed.