Peak fare returns to LIRR in March, but discounts may be in place

Peak fares are returning to the Long Island Rail Road after months of charging only off-peak fares during the pandemic.
The return to peak fares changes on March 1, but the railroad is proposing a discount package designed to offset the increases.
There would be a 10% discount on monthly tickets and the railroad would start a new 20-trip ticket in addition to monthly tickets.
There would also be a flat $5 fare on all weekday trips within New York City.
LIRR President Philip Eng says he wants riders to come to experience the railroad running the most reliable service in their history.
“Throw in that we’re looking at giving discounts and it’s a win-win,” Eng says. “Get off the roads, protect our environment and give us feedback. That’s important to us.”
The MTA board meets on Wednesday to vote on the proposed discounts. If approved, the new prices would remain in effect for at least four months but could be extended or made permanent.