Paws & Pals: Cats up for adoption at Huntington Cat Shelter on Aug. 14

In this week's Paws & Pals, Huntington Cat Shelter presented four cats up for adoption.
Buddy Oxford is an 8-year-old male, white with black spots. Buddy is the chunky lap cat that everyone needs in their home and heart. Buddy loves to care for kittens in his free time, if he's not following you around or lounging outside on the cat tree.
Rebel is an 8-year-old female tortie. Rebel is your classic couch potato, all she wants from life is somewhere comfortable to lay and belly rubs. Every day is a lazy Sunday with Rebel. Her sweet nature and adorable looks will steal your heart. She's an easygoing companion.
Storm is a 2-year-old male grey and white cat. Storm has always desired love and attention. He tells you what he wants and is loyal and forgiving.
Freddy has very few white hairs on his chest, and extra toes! That makes him a polydactyl cat. Freddy is a very playful guy, once he warms up to you. He would love a friend to keep him busy and out of trouble.