Patchogue Village shop showcases largest home built by 3D printer

The largest home in the world built by a 3D printer sits in front of a workshop in Patchogue Village.
Three co-owners of Square 3D Printers, a shop on West Main Street, heard that one of their partners was interested in developing something that could make a house. So they did exactly that, and call it the ‘Autonomous Robotic Construction System.’ 
Co-owner Kirk Anderson says the technology allows multiple machines to build a home almost all on its own.
"Retail cost, you're looking at $10,000 for something this size,” Anderson says. “But it's very affordable and not time consuming and not labor intensive.”
Anderson says the home was built in fewer than 12 hours, and that it took only three men to run the whole operation.
“This structure's 8 feet tall and 20 feet wide, 25 feet wide,” Anderson says. “We've done this in under 12 hours.  No one else is doing that, no one is competing with our speed right now."
Anderson says this structure is just experimental.  Because there are no permits for it at this time, they will knock it down within the next week or so.