Patchogue bar embroiled in controversy for shooting death gambling pool

A Patchogue bar is in hot water once again, this time for a post on its social media pages taking bets on which city will have more shooting deaths over Labor Day weekend -- New York or Chicago.
The Cliffton posted the bet on its Instagram page in the style of a Super Bowl pool with the caption "let the shooting sprees begin!"
While some said they weren't offended and even called the betting "funny," others were disturbed.
"It's like people laughing in our face, we try and respect everybody. We try and give respect to get respect and they are blatantly disrespecting us," says Adrianna Marklend.
Lisa La Corte, with the group United Against Gun Violence, feels the post was racially insensitive.
"There's no care for life because it's not white life, its brown and Black people's lives, and they pick cities that are high rate minority population, which is NYC and Chicago," says La Corte.
This isn't the first time The Cliffton has made headlines for a social media post. Last year, the bar put up a post that was decried as transphobic. A rally was held in the wake of the post and they later issued a public apology.
"They have been a nuisance since they have been here, I have lived in the neighborhood a few years," says Chuck Marsh.
News 12 reached out to The Cliffton for comment but has not heard back.