Patchogue bar apologizes for creating gambling pool on Labor Day weekend shooting deaths

A Patchogue bar that has surrounded itself in controversy more than once has apologized for creating a gambling pool on the amount of shooting deaths that could occur in Chicago and New York City over Labor Day weekend.
The Cliffton saw swift backlash over the idea, which it posted to one of its social media pages with the caption, "let the shooting sprees begin!" The bar has now used their private Instagram to apologize and say the game was an attempt at "raising awareness of the disturbing rise in gun violence across the nation."
The apology, typed out within the Instagram photo, says, "Here at The Cliffton we take pride in the fact that we are different, unique and push the boundaries outside of the norm. This time however, it appears that we have taken it a little too far. We would like to issue a formal apology to everyone offended by our latest fundraising pool."
The post goes on to say that pool participants will donate pool funds to the NYCPBA Widows and Children's fund, which the bar says it will match.
The Cliffton previously made headlines for a post that was decried as transphobic. A rally was held in the wake of the post and they later issued a public apology.
Lisa La Corte, with the group United Against Gun Violence, told News 12 Tuesday the post was racially insensitive.
"There's no care for life because it's not white life, its brown and Black people's lives, and they pick cities that are high rate minority population, which is NYC and Chicago," says La Corte.
The bar's apology ended by saying, "We apologize once again for the uprise and are praying for a safe and peaceful Labor Day weekend in every city across America."