Parents worry over lack of crossing guard

Parents at a local school got temporary relief Thursday from concern over their children's safety due to the lack of a crossing guard.
Parents claim for weeks, the principal at P.S. 72 in Throgs Neck has been helping cross the students because there is a lack of a traffic cop. The 45th precinct says the cop got sick over the past couple of weeks, leaving three instead of four guards.
As of Thursday, however, there was a temporary guard at the crossing. ?It?s nice, if we could just keep it that way,? says parent Lisa Mateo. ?What?s it gonna do, take somebody to get hurt, killed in order to have somebody in permanently??
In addition, a police officer told News 12 The Bronx that the department is in the middle of the hiring process to get more guards across the Bronx. They hope to have that completed by next week.