Parents opposed to vaccine law rally at Nassau University Medical Center

Dozens of parents who are critical of new state vaccination laws made their voices heard Tuesday at Nassau University Medical Center.
According to the law, children must start getting vaccinated before Sept. 20 or they will not be allowed in schools.
Critics said it's not fair and they won't comply. They arrived at NUMC for a news conference where doctors and elected officials were encouraging parents to get their children vaccinated to comply with the law that ended all religious exemptions.
They were not allowed inside the news conference.

"Show me the science that says unvaccinated children spread more disease than any other person," said one parent. "What's the purpose of life if I can't live free?"
North Bellmore mother Francine Shafeek said the state acted abruptly and arbitrarily by removing religious exemptions.
"I think we need to be given a fair trial," she said. "I think voices need to be heard and there should be a public hearing. None of that was afforded to us as it was in other states that had this law passed."
Inside the news conference, Nassau Health Commissioner Dr. Lawrence Eisenstein said, "immunization saves lives."
"We practice evidence-based medicine," he said. "It's the evidence of thousands of studies done over and over again that establishes the standards of care."
Several lawsuits have already been filed across the state. Parents are hoping for an emergency measure that will allow their children to stay in school as the cases play out.

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