Homeowner: Osprey nest grows too large atop East End home

An osprey nest atop a home on the East End has grown much too large, homeowners say. 
Dohonna Goodale says the birds took residence on top of their chimney and are making a mess on their property. 
Wildlife specialist Ginnie Frati says the nest cannot be moved just yet.
"Once there are eggs in the nest, it is against federal regulations to interfere with them," she says. 
Frati says by mid-August, the osprey will fly south for the winter, and then the nest can be relocated. 
Goodale says she "just wants to get along peacefully" with the birds. She hopes by next year, the osprey family and their enormous nest will be moved to a new location on her property, but away from her home. 
"I'm just trying to figure out a way – as mother to mother – that we can work this out," says Goodale. "Maybe find a bird whisperer."