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Officials: Gas thieves take on new, potentially dangerous way to steal fuel

Experts also say to look around your car before getting in.

News 12 Staff

Mar 17, 2022, 10:16 PM

Updated 824 days ago


Rising gas prices have brought some to start stealing fuel in new, but dangerous ways.
Officials say thieves are making off with gasoline by drilling directly into the tank.
"It's plastic, there is no shield here as you can see even from standing outside the car," says Jerry Gedacht of Jerry's Auto Center. "I can reach in easily with a cordless drill, drill in."
AAA has reported this process happening across the country, saying that people need to be wary of where they park.
"Park in your garage," says AAA spokesperson Robert Sinclair Jr. "If you park in public, park in a well-lit area."
Experts also say to look around your car before getting in.
Sinclair says drilling into a gas tank can be extremely dangerous because the drill bit can get hot. If the tank is full and the hot bit comes into contact with gasoline, it could cause an explosion.
Officials say if you think your gas tank could have been tampered with, don't try to start your car because it could be flammable.

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