Off Key Tikki Bar owner says no 'malice' meant in flyer some considered racist

A bar owner says he didn't mean any harm after posting an ad on his website that some considered racist.
Michael Bruemmer, owner of Off Key Tikki Bar, posted a Cinco de May promotion, saying "Join us for a little taste of Mexico (might as well before the whole country immigrates here!)
"It was a tongue in cheek attempt at humor," Bruemmer says. "Probably wasn't the smartest thing I have ever said, but it was not certainly meant with any malice."
Residents, however, did not find the humor in the flyer.
"Coming from immigrant parents, I am Mexican like 100%, so obviously, to me I took that fully offensively," says Guadalupe, of Shirley. "I don't see how anyone wouldn't because that's something like, even as a joke, you wouldn't say."
Some are calling for others to take action against the bar by boycotting it and showing them that Hispanics play a part in the community.
The flyer has since been amended on the website and Bruemmer says he hopes the night will be one of inclusivity.