Oceanside roars for News 12's Paper Football Super Bowl VIII 

It was loud. It was fierce. It was big back!!!!
Kevin Maher brought this year's News 12 Paper Football Super Bowl to Oceanside Elementary School #4.   
The fifth graders held a tournament to find a worthy challenger for Kevin.
His name was Christos Papadoniou. Christos was so tough that he said he even beat his grandmother in paper football.  So he wasn't about to show Kevin any mercy.
This year, the game had news twists including Silly String, Taylor Swift, News 12's "Gerbil Cam" and the best high school mascot: The Oceanside Sailor!
Plus, not only did the fifth graders show up to cheer on Christos and Kevin, the third and fourth graders did, too.
"In all my years of playing paper football in Long Island schools this was by far the loudest gym we've ever been to," said Kevin.  
Kevin and Christos were tied at 15 at the half, but Christos was nearly perfect in the second half, making eight out of nine field goals. 
He won News 12's Paper Football Super Bowl VIII, 39-27.   
Congrats Christos!   
And better luck next year....again....Kevin.