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NY residents call to help save lives on Organ Donor Enrollment Day

<p>Wednesday marked the&nbsp;fourth&nbsp;annual&nbsp;Organ Donor Enrollment Day across New York.</p>

News 12 Staff

Oct 10, 2018, 9:42 PM

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Wednesday marked the fourth annual Organ Donor Enrollment Day across New York.
The push to get people to sign up to become an organ donor is important to many. One of those people is Simone Tibbetts, 40, who is in need of a kidney and has been on a waiting list since 2009.
Tibbetts says she developed lupus after giving birth to her daughter. She wants people to know how important it is to give life to others.
Organ donation advocates say most people do not enroll as organ donors. Hospitals across New York are making a major push to enroll more people.
Margaret O'Reilly knows personally how the gift of life saves others. Her son, Stephen Valsechi, died in a tragic accident in 2010. Though the grief is difficult, O'Reilly says she is comforted knowing his organs helped save the lives of four people.
Those who are interested in enrolling as an organ donor can click here for more information.

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