N.Y. Senate GOP seeks to keep control with Dems' help

A political power play is being waged by Albany Republicans in an attempt to retain their control of the state Senate.
Republicans lost their majority by two seats in Tuesday?s election. Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Centre) is trying to hold on to his position by garnering the votes of at least two Democrats.
Sources tell News 12 Long Island that Skelos is at a conference in Puerto Rico with other state legislators including at least one of the four city Democrats being wooed.
Political consultant Mike Dawidziak says he doubts Skelos? maneuvering will work. ?The voters have voted in a Democratic majority in the Senate and I think there will be a large outrage if somehow that is tossed aside by a back-room deal,? he says.
A spokesman for the four city senators says they have not yet committed to voting for anyone for Senate majority leader, Democrat or Republican.