N.Y. Assembly subpoenas Yankees over new stadium

(AP) - A New York Assembly committee investigating the use of millions of dollars in public funding to build the new Yankee Stadium has subpoenaed the team's president.
Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, a Democrat from Westchester County,said Tuesday that his committee subpoenaed Yankees president RandyLevine as well as city Industrial Development Agency Chairman SethPinsky.
Brodsky said the subpoenas compel the officials to appear forquestioning at a hearing Wednesday, and to provide documents thecommittee wants for its investigation into whether public moneyshould be used for the new stadium in the Bronx.
Brodsky's move was criticized by Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office.
"I guess it makes for good political theater because it's theYankees, but when it comes to valuable taxpayer dollars, decisionsshould be made on return not rhetoric," said Bloomberg spokesmanAndrew Brent. "The deal leverages a federal program and willresult in New York City getting back more tax revenue than it willcost and the South Bronx getting thousands of new jobs and morethan $1 billion in private investment."
Levine learned he was going to be subpoenaed Monday night, buthad already rearranged his schedule to attend Wednesday's hearing,said his spokeswoman, Alice McGillion.
Officials for the city and the Yankees have already appearedbefore the committee and provided documents, but Brodsky continuesto investigate. Brodsky said the Yankees and the city have deniedhim records related to additional public financing requested by theteam.
Brodsky has accused city and team officials of secretnegotiations that altered property assessments to make the deallegal and to provide a free luxury suite for city officials.Brodsky says the project won't create enough permanent jobs tojustify the public funding.