North Massapequa family copes with brown water

North Massapequa family copes with brown water

A North Massapequa family says they've been dealing with brown tap water and it's disrupting their quality of life.
Vincent DiMarco says the bath water at his North Queens Avenue home looks like swamp water.

"I wouldn't want my children to get into that tub, and I wouldn't want to give my dog a bath in that tub," he says.

Testing by the South Farmingdale Water District shows that the water has almost double the iron levels that New York state considers "aesthetically unacceptable." It is not thought to pose a health risk, however.

"I wouldn't bathe in it, obviously," says Frank Koch, superintendent of the South Farmingdale Water District. "Sometimes, you do have to flush the water out."

When the bath water is drained, the DiMarcos are stuck with a discolored residue that they say stains their tiles.

"It's ruining my fixtures," says Dina DiMarco. "It's ruining my sinks. I have spots. Nothing comes clean."
District officials say crews have been to the home at least three times to find the source of the problem. Koch believes the discoloration is due to ongoing renovation of the water tower that keeps water pressure even. The water tower will be fixed sometime in mid-June.

"A pressure fluctuation could cause some disruption to the water," says Koch.

Water district officials says that a crew will check the main to the DiMarco home next week to see if it's causing the discolored water, but they don't believe it is since the main is only a year old.