NJ vs. NY: Tolls under congestion pricing

New Jersey commuters could face two tolls instead of one due to congestion pricing.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has cast some doubt on promises made by Gov. Phil Murphy that New Jersey drivers will be treated fairly under congestion pricing. It's part of an ongoing back-and-forth between New York and New Jersey officials that started last week.
Murphy said in news conferences Wednesday and Thursday he had discussed congestion pricing directly with Cuomo and said New Jersey drivers would get fair treatment.
But in a radio interview with 1010 WINS Friday, Cuomo cast doubt on whether he had made promises to Murphy and added that it's too soon to tell what form congestion pricing will take.
Congestion pricing means that drivers going into Manhattan south of 60th Street would have to pay an additional toll.
Murphy said his understanding of the arrangement came directly from Cuomo.
"Gov. Cuomo and I came to a conceptual understanding that should congestion pricing move forward, it would do so in a way that is fairer to New Jersey," Murphy said. "This understanding means New Jersey commuters will be treated equally at all Hudson River crossings...I want to make sure folks in New Jersey know that we've got their back, we're looking out for them, they won't be discriminated against, they won't be double taxed."
Congestion pricing recommendations will be set by a panel put together by the MTA. Much of the finished product will rely on a traffic study.
That study will take two years to complete.