NHL fines Boston coach $25,000 over comment referring to the Isles as the 'New York Saints'

The NHL fined Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy $25,000 Tuesday over comments he made last night about the referees and what he believes they are letting the Islanders get away with.
"I think they sell a narrative over there that it's more like the New York Saints, not the New York Islanders. The exact calls that get called on us do not get called on them," said Cassidy.
Cassidy called his comments today gamesmanship and said he believes the refs missed some calls. Cassidy said he doesn't think he crossed the line.
"Usually when you get fined you say something embarrassing or a joke. I didn't say anything like that. I think those officials are excellent," said Cassidy.
Barry Trotz responded saying, "I don't have any tension at all and I don't have any emotions to those things."
Trotz fired back with stats stating that the Isles were the third least penalized team in the NHL this season.
The Islanders take on Boston at the Coliseum Wednesday in Game 6 with a chance to take the series.