News 12 profiles a man's journey to “Being Transgender”

News 12 profiles a man's journey to “Being Transgender”

From a very early age, she knew she really was a he.
As a child growing up in Glen Cove, Aiden Bauer knew she wasn't like other little girls.

That is because the little girl saw herself trapped in a body that didn't reflect who he was.

By the time the tomboy was a teenager, he had come to realize the boy inside needed to surface on the outside, which began some difficult and often painful conversations.

Aiden isn't a lesbian, he is transgender, and takes male hormones to outwardly project what he feels inside.

Aiden sought out Dr. Rachel Bluebond-Langner, Perlmutter Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery at NYU Langone Health, to complete his transition.
Aiden had a procedure called chest masculination, which is similar to a mastectomy.
The results gave Aiden the ability to outwardly be the person he's always been inside.

Aiden stills lives at home with both his mom and dad, and says his father is slowly learning to accept him as the man he's become.