News 12 helps Massapequa HS graduates get refund from limo company after canceled prom

A Massapequa High School graduate says her senior prom was canceled because of coronavirus and the limo company she and her friends hired was refusing to give their money back.
Josie Giorgio and her friends had a "fake prom" as they called it - a small party to take the place of their official Massapequa High School senior prom, which was pushed to August and then canceled.
In January, they booked a 50-person party bus with Party Bus Express.
She says then came the COVID-19 outbreak. Giorgio said they were behind on payments and didn't know if they were having a prom, but the company told them they wanted the payments and said that they would get a full refund if there was an issue.
Giorgio said they gave the limo company $2,400 more.
In total, the seniors gave Party Bus Express $4,000.
When the August prom was officially canceled in early July, Giorgio says they were able to get $1,000 back from the company, but they were still out $3,000.
News 12 called the 800 number for the company and left a message with the manager. A short time later, the owner called back and said, "he's never had a problem with anyone," and said he's having a hard time due to the coronavirus shutdown.
He promised to give the group back some of the money by the end of this week and the rest shortly after.
The owner said he will personally deliver the check to the teens this week.