News 12 goes on ride-along with Suffolk officials in search of people illegally parking in handicapped spots

News 12 Long Island went on an exclusive ride-along with Suffolk County Deputy Sheriff Investigator Sgt. Thomas Young as he issued summonses to people illegally parked in handicapped spots.
One driver with an expired handicapped placard admitted that it belonged to his neighbor. Another driver had a placard that was someone else’s, yet there was no one else in the vehicle with him.
Sgt. Young said he recently came across two people who were using the placard of a deceased relative.
Sgt. Young said the placards are issued to a person, not a vehicle.
If that person is in a car, the vehicle can legally park in a handicapped spot.
Authorities say the holidays are rife with people parking illegally. Suffolk County Sheriff Errol Toulon, Jr. said the vast majority of summonses issued last year happened in December