Newark officials issue warning about potential rental scam. Here’s what you should know

Officials with the city of Newark are warning residents about a possible scam involving people pretending to be officers.
Newark police say they have gotten reports in all five wards of the city of two different people going door to door trying to scam residents.
The Newark Office of Tenant Legal Services contacted the police about this situation.
Coordinator Khabirah Myers says that the office has received reports of a man who calls himself “Officer Exxon” who is telling residents he works for the Constable's Office – an office that does not exist in Newark.
“Officer Exxon” is telling rental tenants he will be locking them out of their apartments. He then threatens that he will contact the sheriff’s office and have them evicted if they don’t comply.
Myers also says that another man who calls himself “Harry” was seen wearing a shirt with the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office insignia. She says these individuals are threatening tenants to pay two or three times their rent.
Myers says it has been challenging to investigate these cases. She says there are allegations that the imposters are being sent by property management.
“Disgust, utter disgust. That was my initial reaction that someone would do such a thing, knowing how many protections are out there for New Jersey tenants,” Myers says.
There are some things to know for tenants to protect themselves.
An eviction has to be carried out by a special civil part officer of the Superior Court. Judgment for possession has to be made in court. If a landlord doesn’t have judgment for possession and a tenant is being evicted - they should contact the Newark Office of Tenant Legal Services at 973-877-9424.
If a tenant is being offered money to move or an illegal eviction is being attempted, they should call Newark police at 973-733-6000.