New Yorkers will be required to wear masks, face coverings when out in public

All New Yorkers will soon be required to wear masks or a face covering when going out in public.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that he will require all residents to wear some sort of face covering when there are out of their homes and could be in contact with others.

The announcement comes in the form of an executive order that Cuomo said he would be signing. The new requirement will take effect in three days.

Medical professionals say though not perfect, a basic face covering could help stem further spread of the virus.

The governor says the face covering doesn't have to be a full N95 mask, but could be any sort of face covering like a bandana, a homemade cloth mask or a surgical mask when you are around others.

Some people on News 12's Facebook page agree with the governor, saying the move will help reduce infection rates, while others weren't so sure.

The upcoming requirement for New Yorkers comes as essential workers are now mandated to wear some sort of face covering when interacting with the public.

Cuomo's order requires businesses to supply basic face covers, or masks, to employees at no cost if they don't have their own.
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