New York state guidelines for summer camps: Here’s what you need to know

New York state released guidelines for day camps and overnight camps.
The guidelines address masking and social distancing for staff and children, with different policies for people who are vaccinated versus those who are not.
Here are some of the guidelines that camps will have to follow:
1. Camps must implement a property-specific capacity limitation for children/campers that ensures appropriate social distancing can be maintained between individuals who are not fully vaccinated during meals and between stable groups of children/campers during activities and travel throughout the property.
2. In most cases, social distancing and face covering requirements do not apply to those who are fully vaccinated.
3. Staff who is not fully vaccinated must maintain a distance of at least six feet from other unvaccinated staff at all times, unless safety or the core activity requires a shorter distance. 
4. Children/campers age 2 and older, and staff who are not fully vaccinated must wear face coverings except when eating, drinking, showering, swimming, or sleeping/resting. Children/campers may also remove face coverings outdoors when they are unable to tolerate a face covering for the physical activity. Face coverings must be worn by individuals who are not fully vaccinated during transportation.
5. Responsible parties must ensure that staff and children/camper groupings are as static as possible by having the same group of children/campers stay with the same staff whenever and wherever possible. Group size should be as small as possible, but must be limited to no more than 36 children or campers.
6. Shared workstations must be cleaned and disinfected between users.
7. Responsible Parties should prohibit the use of small spaces by more than one staff member who is not fully vaccinated at a time, unless all unvaccinated staff in such space at the same time are wearing acceptable face coverings.
8. Measures for child/camper drop-off and pick-up procedures should be put in place to allow for strict social distancing of six feet between parents/guardians and staff.
9. Parents/guardians should remain in the facility the minimum amount of time necessary for drop-off or pick-up of children, and for any other reason, and should not be allowed to remain in the facility unless their presence is required for the work of the child care or children’s camp facility.
Click HERE to look over the full list of guidelines.