New York Gov. Cuomo gives daily briefing on coronavirus outbreak

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave a daily press briefing on the latest information about the coronavirus outbreak in the state.
According to Cuomo, the number of cases in New York is up to at least 173. He adds that Westchester County, particularly New Rochelle, is still the epicenter of the cases with at least 108. Cuomo says he is deploying the National Guard to New Rochelle. Schools within a one-mile zone will be closed for two weeks, starting Thursday, March 12.
He continued by saying there are no deaths in the state due to coronavirus. He says that as of Wednesday, only 14 people are in the hospital. The other cases are people who are recovering at home.
The other cases in the state are as follows: 36 in New York City, 19 in Nassau County, six in Rockland County and one in Suffolk County.
He reiterated that if a student tests positive for coronavirus, a school must close for 24 hours to assess the situation.
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