New state-of-the-art Islanders arena slowly rising at Belmont Park

The Islanders have another playoff game later today and they also have a new state-of-the-art arena that is slowly rising at Belmont Park.
As the steel rises on the Islanders new arena, so does the anticipation of its completion.
The arena is expected to be a blend of the future and the past. According to Oak View Group CEO Tim Lewicke, who's overseeing the project, fans will see architecture that pays homage to the historic Belmont Racetrack next door.
Inside there will be bars and restaurants themed with Isles moments and memories.
"There'll be eight bars and from all of them you'll be able to see the action. And we have standing sections not just for the blue and orange Army but for anyone who wants to stand and root for the team. We're taking the best elements of Nassau Coliseum, the noise factor, the intimacy of the bowl and transporting it to the UBS Arena. We're leaving behind the bad parts of the Coliseum. No longer will you have to wait 20 minutes to use the bathroom. We'll have the most bathrooms of any NHL arena," says Jon Ledecky.
There will also be an app to see the bathroom wait times and reserve parking. In addition, for all Amazon lovers, they will have grab and go snack stations.
"You grab what you want and walk out. You don't go to a cashier or a point of sale. It is literally the easiest experience you could have for a cold beer and some great food," says Tim Leweike.
If construction stays on schedule, the Isles new home will open late next year.
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