New medical marijuana dispensary set to open in East Farmingdale

The new facility will be located at the Botanist on Route 110.

News 12 Staff

Mar 28, 2019, 11:38 PM

Updated 1,883 days ago


A new medical marijuana dispensary that is slated to open Saturday in East Farmingdale is drawing mixed feelings from those in the area.
The dispensary is located at the Botanist on Route 110. Sonya Parrish is the director of New York State Operations for the Botanist. Parrish tells News 12 the goal is to service patients who otherwise would have to drive long distances to fill prescriptions.
"They all say we need you, we don't have anybody here in this area," says Parrish. "We have to travel a half an hour this way or a half an hour that way. So people are really happy to have something centrally located."
Tommy Joseph, president of the East Farmingdale Civic Association, says he's fine with the dispensary as long as it is used for medical reasons only.
"As long as it's kept for medical reasons I don't think there would be an issue," says Joseph. "It's the recreational use that would be our concern."
Some residents living in the area say even though they don't believe in using they are fine with it as long as it's helping people who need it for medical reasons. Others think the dispensary is a good addition to the community.

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