New Canaan Museum and Historical Society says Otocast app brings in more people to explore

Local communities are using technology to show off historical and cultural treasures that could make it easier for people to plan a trip.
The New Canaan Museum and Historical Society is just one of the places people can explore online with the app Otocast, which features mini podcasts, maps and photos all in one place.
News 12 visited and discovered the community's first drug store and an exhibit on wedding dresses.
“I think we are turning around that corner. We have got a lot more great shows, we are getting out onto the community more, more people are coming in and we are engaging more with them, so it's working out,” said Michael Murphy, from the New Canaan Museum and Historical Society.
There is also an Otocast for Waveny Park and the Sculpture Trail but it's not just for New Canaan. You can find features on Norwalk, Westport and Greenwich.