New bike path dedicated to Vietnam veterans opens in Calverton

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new multipurpose athletic trail was held in Calverton Monday.
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Trail was revealed at the EPCAL property. The trail is 9.5 miles through the Pine Barrens, and residents say they love the trail but are concerned about what will happen to the rest of the property.
John McCauliff of EPCAL Watch says the rest of the property may be used what can only be described as a cargo airport.
The Town of Riverhead is under contract to sell 1,600 acres of the EPCAL property for $40 million to a group called Calverton Aviation and Technology. Residents and local officials call the deal sweet for the developer, the Triple Five Group, and are questioning the developer's real intent.
McCauliff says that due to a FOIL request to the state Department of Environmental Conservation, the watch group discovered maps submitted by the Triple Five Group proposing a cargo port in April. He says the cargo airport would be 10 million square feet of building space, and that the bike path would be right in the back of the complex.
Riverhead Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith says a host of problems have surfaced, including one of the parties involved in the land deal. She says Luminati Aerospace has pulled out of the deal.
Residents who live across from the property say a cargo airport would be the wrong way to go.
The Triple Five Group, a multinational conglomerate, is the developer of the Mall of America and other large malls. It hasn't responded to News 12 for comment, but has said in published reports they plan to meet with Riverhead officials "very soon."