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Nesting bald eagles stop traffic in Centerport

Some Centerport residents say birdwatchers are blocking traffic to catch a glimpse of the eagles.

News 12 Staff

Apr 22, 2019, 6:55 PM

Updated 1,856 days ago


A family of nesting bald eagles is ruffling feathers in Centerport.
A pair of eagles recently had two baby eaglets, bringing out birdwatchers and photographers from across Long Island. But some residents say they have created traffic and parking problems.
Suzy Herman lives right along Centershore Road, near the nest. The heavily traveled, narrow street has few safe parking spots, and she says birdwatchers will sometimes illegally park along the road and cause traffic problems.
Last week, the Town of Huntington debated changing the rules along the street to prevent any excess parking but backed off after vocal opposition from bird lovers and some residents.
Photographers and birdwatchers say they don't want to disturb neighbors and that they try and be respectful when parking their cars on the narrow streets.
Town officials say they will be putting up more signs to let birdwatchers know where they can park legally and safely.

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