Neighbors: Man slain in New Milford was retired correction officer

WINGDALE, N.Y. - The two victims gunned down in New Milford Thursday morning lived in Wingdale, New York, where police have obtained surveillance videos linked to the case.
As News 12 has reported, Katie Pladl's biological father drove up from North Carolina and ambushed her and her adoptive father in their car as they sat at the intersection of routes 7 and 55 in Gaylordsville.
Tony Fusco, the adoptive father, was a retired corrections officer. Friends say he was intensely devoted to his family and the community.
A friend of the family tells News 12 that the Fuscos treated their adoptive daughter as though she were born to them.
But neighbors had no idea that Pladl had sought out her biological father and then begun and incestuous relationship with him until the couple made headlines a few months ago.
"I found out, like, a year ago she'd left," says Jim Moore, a neighbor. "They had this kid, and the kid got killed, and they all got killed. Sad situation."
Steven Pladl, her 42-year-old biological dad, fathered a baby boy with Katie Pladl, according to police, leading to felony incest charges. Knightdale, North Carolina police say they found a dead baby in Steven Pladl's home there who they believe was the couple's son.
Local business owner Doug Jones says security cameras show Steven Pladl staking out his victims for 45 minutes from a liquor store parking lot near Fusco's home. The video was obtained by the Hartford Courant.
The video shows Pladl pull out and follow Fusco and Katie Pladl when their pickup truck passes by.
"They made a right-hand turn, and you could see him pull out," Jones says. "And he didn't come back."
In all, police say he left the baby dead in North Carolina, killed two victims in Connecticut and then killed himself in New York.