Nearly 400,000 LI residents without health insurance

Census data shows nearly 400,000 Long Island residents are living without health insurance; health and welfare officials say even more are underinsured.
The staggering numbers are according to 2005 census data. Officials say the current numbers could be more frightening.
"The information that was provided was from 2005 data, and we all know living on Long Island that things have changed dramatically," says Gwen O'Shea, of the Health and Welfare Council.
"We've seen a continuing increase in the numbers of uninsured and underinsured since 2005," says Kevin Dahill, of the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council.
According to Dahill, the sluggish economy could further complicate the problem.
"Here on Long Island, we have a lot of small to mid-size employers who would love to provide insurance for their employees, but it's become cost prohibitive," he says.