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'National Look Up Day' remembers Patchogue man, all those struggling with addiction

Saturday marked National Look Up Day, which remembers a Patchogue man who battled addiction before his 2015 death.

News 12 Staff

Mar 12, 2022, 10:44 PM

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Saturday marked National Look Up Day, which remembers a Patchogue man who battled addiction before his 2015 death.
On what would have been his 39th birthday, his mother, Linda Nuszen says she thinks fondly of her son, Adam.
“Adam was a sensitive kid," his mother said. "His gaze was always upward. He had a fascination with the world.”
Adam Nuszen's struggle that led to his overdose death, prompted Linda Nuszen to create "National Look Up" Day in memory of her son and all of those fighting or impacted by addiction.
“We're giving ourselves permission...to try and heal from the most devastating loss anyone can imagine,” said Nuszen. 
Typically, every March 12, Linda Nuszen would celebrate what would be her son’s birthday with fundraisers at a concert hall or outdoors. The gathering Saturday was dampened by wintry weather but not stopped.
Nuszen and Beading hearts also make special beads with inspirational messages on them, something Adam used to do, and hand them out to remind people that they are not alone.
“If I had one request, one wish, is that you go outside close your eyes put your arms out ahead...and take a breath in and open your eyes and look up…You are part of something and you are not alone.” said Nuszen.

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