Nassau to begin antibody testing for all first responders, essential county personnel

Nassau will now begin providing COVID-19 antibody testing for all its first responders and essential county personnel, County Executive Laura Curran announced on Tuesday.
The testing is occurring at the Morrelly Center in Bethpage. It aims to test 500 first responders every other day.
Nassau County teamed up with Northwell Health, which won’t be using the quick finger prick test – Northwell labs validated three antibody tests that draw blood from a person's vein.
“Those are the most sensitive and the most accurate,” according to Dr. Dwayne Breining.
Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder says the testing will allow his officers to have an elevated “confidence level” on the job and when they get home to their families.
Suffolk began testing Suffolk police officers on Monday. Unlike in Nassau, all essential county workers are not yet eligible.
Bellone told News 12 that they are working to expand their testing program and says Northwell approached the county to do so.