Nassau SPCA: Uptick in reports of sick puppies being sold

The Nassau County SPCA says it has seen an uptick in reports of newly acquired dogs that are needing veterinary treatment within days of arriving at their new home.
According to the SPCA, one report involves a family who got a new puppy from a location in Nassau County.
The SPCA says within three days, the puppy was ill, taken to a veterinarian and was hospitalized. The puppy was diagnosed with Campylobacter jejuni. The family’s 18-year-old son also became ill.
There are also reports of giardia, bronchopneumonia and diffuse lower airway disease. Lower airway disease can include bacterial infection, viral infection and other illnesses.
The SPCA says thousands of pets are imported into Nassau County annually and although New York State requires a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection within 30 days prior to entry, there is no follow-up when puppies arrive. The puppies can be exposed to a number of illnesses while awaiting shipment and can also be exposed to contagious illness during shipment.
The germs puppies carry could be infectious to other dogs and people, even while appearing healthy.
The Nassau County SPCA says it is highly recommending that when you have picked out your new pet you should go to the veterinarian first.
All owners with puppys who were brought home ill are asked to report it at or call 516-THE-SPCA.