Nassau publishes latest round of tax impact notices

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran's administration released the latest data on its countywide reassessment program. 
The numbers show more than 50% of residents in 10 of the county's 19 legislative districts will see tax increases. That's with a proposed taxpayer protection plan that calls for phasing in the impact of the assessment changes over the course of five years.
Curran is urging the Republican-led Legislature to pass the phase-in plan immediately, however, GOP lawmakers say they are not in a rush.
"I want to make sure residents are assessed properly and are paying their fair share," says Legislator Rose Marie Walker.
Walker's district, which weaves through Hicksville and stretches as far east as Farmingdale, will see 55% of its residents incur tax increases even with the taxpayer protection plan. That's the largest percentage of any district, and it's even larger if the phase-in plan isn't passed.
Walker says she doesn't think the phase-in plan will help.
Democratic Legislator Arnie Drucker, of Plainview, disagrees.
"The numbers released Monday clearly illustrate why enacting the taxpayer protection plan is a no-brainer," says Drucker.
Some residents say paying high taxes on Long Island is a way of life.
The Curran administration says if Republicans don't pass the taxpayer protection plan, 50% of Nassau residents will see significant increases in year one.
The assessment changes don't go into effect until October 2020.
A previous version of this video aired an incorrect graphic. It has since been fixed.