Nassau police promise arrests, increased patrols after string of vandalism incidents

Police say they are promising to step up their efforts to stop a group of teens who have been harassing and vandalizing communities in the Bellmore-Merrick area.

News 12 Staff

May 3, 2023, 4:55 PM

Updated 348 days ago


Police are promising arrests and increased patrols in response to reports of a group of teens causing chaos in the Bellmore-Merrick area.
One woman says the teens damaged a fence outside her home over the weekend, an incident that police believe may be inspired by a social media trend that involves similar acts of vandalism. She says the same group sometimes sets off fireworks and loiters in people's yards.
The owner of a liquor store in Merrick shared surveillance video with News 12 of a large group of teens loitering outside his store. He says it happens all the time, and in some cases, they bang on his window and throw things until he has to call the police.
In a statement, Nassau Police Detective Lieutenant Richard LeBrun says his department is stepping up patrols in the neighborhood, pulling all video that exists and will make arrests.
Local neighbors and employees also tell News 12 that some teens were kicked out of a CVS for riding their bikes in the store and causing issues at a HomeGoods store.

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