Nassau police increase patrols at Roosevelt Field mall amid rash of crimes

Nassau County police say a string of crimes at Roosevelt Field mall has prompted them to step up patrols.

News 12 Staff

May 1, 2023, 12:43 PM

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Nassau County police are stepping up patrols at Roosevelt Field mall following a string of crimes.
Five crimes were reported at the Garden City shopping center in the past two months. The most recent incident happened last Friday when police say three women and a man grabbed seven purses worth $23,000 from the Louis Vuitton store. The suspects used box cutters to remove security tags from the bags.
About three weeks ago, Dwight Clermont was arrested for allegedly exposing himself and chasing two women in the mall's Kate Spade store.
In late March, police reported two GMC cars worth over $152,000 were stolen from the west parking lot of the mall.
In another incident, police say two women stole over $136,000 in jewelry from Ethan Jewelers.
News 12 Long Island reached out to the mall and Nassau County officials for comment about mall security. A mall spokesperson said they had no comment.
News 12 Long Island asked Nassau police on Saturday about the recent criminal activity. They responded on Sunday with a statement:
"The Nassau County Police Department continues to intensify patrols in all areas of concern in and around Roosevelt Field Mall for any potential criminal activity. The department also has a robust security detail of police officers and supervisors that are permanently assigned to the mall. All shoppers are reminded to always use due diligence and be aware of their surroundings at all times. Any suspicious activity should always be reported to 911 immediately."
Shoppers say they are concerned and feel there is a need for more security.
Rash of crimes at Roosevelt Field Mall have some shoppers shaken

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