Nassau nanny says she stole couple’s cat to save it from euthanasia

A Baldwin nanny is accused of stealing a cat from the Merrick couple for whom she was working.
Rebecca Katz, 33, says she took that cat to save it from being euthanized.
Julie and Russell Berman admitted in court papers they were planning on putting down Tigger, their family pet of 15 years, "due to medical issues and our pet living in pain over recent months."
Katz told News 12 that "this is a good animal and he deserves better. Euthanasia convenience is a real thing and people need to be aware of it."
"She would threaten him with the needle almost every single day and I would go home and cry," Katz said. "I just want him to be protected, that's all."
According to court papers, Julie Berman told police she came home earlier this month to a lengthy note from the nanny explaining that she had taken Tigger because she didn't agree with the family's decision to euthanize him.
The Bermans left court Wednesday without answering any questions.
Katz was conditionally released on probation and is due back in court on Friday.
Katz told News 12 that Tigger is still in her care but would not say where.