Nassau man who went to Jones Beach testing site says process was 'simple'

A Nassau man who went through the mobile coronavirus testing site at Jones Beach says the process was very efficient.
Bob is in his mid-50s and asked to remain anonymous.
Over the phone, he told News 12 that a friend alerted him on Monday that he may have been exposed to coronavirus.
Bob says he called the state hotline Monday, answered some basic questions and was scheduled for the first day of testing at the Jones Beach facility.
"It was simple," said Bob. "There was hardly anyone there. When you go toward Jones Beach, they have a sign saying go toward the West End for testing. Signs tell you to keep your windows closed."
Bob says his driver's license was checked at multiple points through his closed car window to ensure he had an appointment. He didn't roll down his window until he pulled into the tent for testing. 
"They stuck a swab in my nose, turned it a number of times, pulled it out and said that I'll be contacted within 48 hours with the results," Bob said.
Bob says the whole experience was very straightforward but also strange. He had some advice for others worried about getting tested.
"Take it easy, calm down, it's a simple process," Bob said.
Bob said right now he is feeling fine and is staying home while he waits for his results.
The Jones Beach testing site is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. by appointment only.