Nassau legislators frustrated with Cuomo’s amendment to restore AIM funding

Some Nassau County lawmakers are calling on state legislators to reject Gov. Andrew Cuomo's amendment to restore Aid and Incentives for Municipalities (AIM) funding.
Local officials were originally outraged when Cuomo's proposed budget slashed millions of dollars in aid to municipalities on Long Island.
On Friday, the governor announced an amendment that would restore the money through internet sales taxes.
Not all politicians on Long Island are buying that Cuomo's new initiative will work.
"Reading the details now, he didn't restore it to the New York state budget," says Freeport Mayor Robert Kennedy. "He's now mandating the counties pay the AIM funding, and he's hoping based on the internet funds that they'll be able to afford it."
Kennedy says Nassau County has an estimated $59 million deficit that is controlled by the Nassau County Interim Finance Authority and wouldn't be able to give the money to towns or villages.