Nassau lawmakers unveil bill to require utility companies to restore roads when work is complete

Lawmakers in Nassau County unveiled a new bill Monday that calls for requiring utility companies to restore county roads back to their original condition following work that's been completed.
Legislator Steve Rhoads was joined by community leaders in Merrick to make the announcement. They say typically utility companies dig up roads to install gas, electric and other lines but that the roads are not left in the condition they were before the work started.
"They came in, they did their work, they put in temporary patches and those temporary patches are absolutely abysmal," says Rhoads. "It's going to finally make the utility accountable for taking care of the restoration work. And if they do not take care of that restoration work, it gives the county Department of Public Works the ability to come in and actually make the repairs and then back-charge the utility for the repairs that are being made."
Business owners and civic leaders in Nassau say it's affecting their communities because stores are back open, and patrons don't want to drive on some of the roads because of the poor conditions.
The Nassau Legislature is set to vote on the Save Our Roads bill next week.