Nassau's safety committee approves bill to crack down on illegal passing of stopped school buses

The Nassau County Legislature's Public Safety and Rules Committee approved a bill Monday to bring stop-arm cameras to county school buses by September.
The measure will now go to the full Legislature for a vote on May 24, where it is also expected to pass.
The system installs two cameras on the stop-arm of a bus and triggers a high-definition digital video recorder that captures views of any car passing a stopped bus illegally.
"When you see those flashing red lights do not pass a school bus," says Legislator Denise Ford. "And for those people who don't realize if you are going the other way you are supposed to stop even if it is a divided median."
Each of Nassau's 56 school districts that choose to opt-in to this program, will enter into an agreement with the county to have the cameras installed.
Drivers could pay up to $250 in fines.
The cameras are already in place in Suffolk County.