Nassau community marches for peace

Members of the West Hempstead community took to the streets Saturday to march for peace and denounce violence.
Pastor Willie Fowler, of Life Changing Ministries in West Hempstead, says in this time of war and violence, he hopes he can inspire peace and unity within each community, not just his own.
?We need to come together as one body, regardless of what religion, what faith. We still need to love one another, and this is what we're marching for,? Fowler says.
The route of the march went along Woodfield Road, ending at the corner of Hempstead Avenue, where people have been stabbed and shot in the past.
Sister Novella Smith, of Universal Move of God Ministry, says the violence needs to stop.
?We want our children to come out and be able to not fear that they might get hit with a stray bullet,? Smith says.